Selected product range for all kind of lubrication and protection requirements. From a multifunctional oil to a high-grade acid-free lubricant and or a thin lubricating and insulating Silicone oil. 



MULTI is a multi-functional product for all kind of applications for electrical and mechanical equipment in industry and workshops. It forms a clear invisible film and is harmless to plastic, rubber and paint. MULTI displaces water, starts wet engines, eliminates short circuits, prevents corrosion and oxidation, dissolves rust and lubricates moving parts. Cleans and stops squeaks, and ensures long-lasting operational reliability. Electrical/Mechanical equipment: Ignition systems, lighting systems, electronic equipment, carburetors, screws, locks, seat rails, pedals, etc. Workshop/Industry: Electrical or mechanical precision instruments, tools, metal parts, relays and switches, electronic equipment, etc. Hobby, House, Garden, DIY sector: lawn movers, boat engines, bicycles, electric appliances, sliding doors, hinges, roller blades, etc. MULTI is non-polluting and contains no hazardous substances.


SPRAYOIL is a powerful, very thin, acid-free lubricant with excellent emergency running properties. Its lubricating film is very durable and does not become gummy. SPRAYOIL repels water and moisture and ensures durable and reliable corrosion protection. SPRAYOIL remains effective within a wide temperature range from -40°C to +170°C and meets the requirements of standard ISO VG 10. SPRAYOIL lubricates all moving parts in electrical engineering, precision engineering, maintenance and repair work and is a good corrosion protection of components, equipment, motors, generators, machines, etc., suitable for use on metals of all kinds.


SILICONE contains a high-quality, thin insulating silicone oil with a breakdown voltage of 12 kV/mm. It forms an inert, clear film which does not dry up, is water-repellent and therefore is an excellent water and moisture buffer. SILICONE is also a good universal lubricant for plastics and rubber and is stable within a wide temperature range from -50° C up to +200° C. Furthermore, it is non-toxic, non-staining and does not attack any engineering material. To avoid spark discharge in high voltage transformers, on tube bases, etc. SILICONE eliminates reliably the creepage currents and corona effects, prevents shortcuts and insulates. It prevents sticking and is an excellent separating, mould release and wire pulling agent. The thin invisible film lubricates plastic bearings, drives, gear and rubber.

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