Special protective conformal coatings for PC-Boards and electronic components based on acrylic resin or high quality single-component polyurethane. The cold-galvanizing Zinc-rich coating is an excellent active galvanic corrosion protection.



PLASTIC is based on an acrylic resin particularly suitable for the electronic industry. It forms a shiny, flexible and protective film that is resistant to acids, salt, fungus, corrosive vapors, thermal stress, mechanical abuse, alkalis, alcohols, moisture, and tough environmental conditions. It retains its effectiveness within a wide range of temperatures from –70°C to +120°C. The lacquer adheres to various materials such as metal, plastics, wood, cardboard, glass etc. PLASTIC does not drip and permits soldering through its own layer. PLASTIC contains an UV indicator for quality control. PLASTIC meets MIL-1- 46058C. „Type Acrylic Resin“. PLASTIC protects printed circuit boards, components, wire cables, etc. Elimination or prevention of creepage current, corona effects, short-circuits or discharges. PLASTIC seals out water, dirt and moisture and is an ideal corrosion protection of parts subjected to bad atmospheric conditions. It is water proofing of various materials such as cardboard, wood, leather, etc.


URETHANE is a high-quality single component polyurethane lacquer, particulary suitable for the electronic industry. URETHANE protects and insulates PC boards, electrical motors, transformers, electronic equipment and components. It offers protection from damaging environmental conditions such as humidity, salty corrosive vapours, fungus, thermal and mechanical stress. URETHANE forms a hard, stable, flexible, non conductive and wear-resistant film with excellent adherence, mainly used as a protection and sealing of printed circuits boards. It is used as a resistant, protective conformal coating for electric motors, transformers and other equipment and components. Particularly suitable for preventing damage caused by moisture, corrosion and chemical agents.


ZINC is a cold galvanizing zinc-rich coating for corrosion and rust protection. It forms a tough and flexible film which actually bonds with any base metal. The film contains 99, 5% pure zinc pigments and bonds electrochemically to bare metal. The coating provides active galvanic protection and stops rust formation even when scratched or abraded. The coating is fast drying, shows excellent adherence and forms a grey layer. ZINC meets DIN 50976 and Mil. Specs. Particularly suitable for corrosion protection of structural steel, steel buildings, steel roofs, windows and doors, touch up over galvanized coatings, welding seems and spot welding, home and garden equipment, air conditioners, cooling towers and agricultural equipment.

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