The wide range of professional-grade various cleaners are specially developed to fulfil the requirements of the different cleaning process. Diverse cleaning procedures require special cleaning strength from very mild to heavy duty cleaners to make the cleaning process effective and safe. 



CONTACT CLEANER is based on a special balanced mixture of high-quality, powerful and clean solvents. The low surface tension and wetting ability guaranties a quick penetration of the surface pores, removing oil, grease, dirt and other contaminants. CONTACT CLEANER evaporates quickly and leaves no residues. It is of functional use wherever high quality cleaning is required.


ISOPROPANOL is a universal and mild Cleaner with excellent wetting and dissolving ability. This guaranties quick and reliable removal of contaminations such as dust, fingerprints, oil and all kind of light dirt. ISOPROPANOL does not attack any material and evaporates very quickly without leaving any residues. Effective cleaning of electrical and mechanical parts, cleaning of soldering residues and screen-printing stencils. ISOPROPANOL is very suitable for cleaning of precision instruments and sensitive optical equipment. ISOPROPANOL


FLUX-OFF is a mild, but effective cleaner that easily removes the toughest deposits of flux, soldering oils and other contaminants such as grease, dirt and molding compounds. FLUX-OFF is colorless and leaves no residue. It is used for gentle and intensive cleaning of printed circuit boards, electronic subassemblies and all other electronic components, suitable for degreasing of parts and equipment. It does not attack any material in common use. However, avoid using it on PVC and polystyrene.


OXYD-OFF cleans contacts and efficiently removes oxide and sulfide layers from any metallic contact surfaces. Special inhibitors ensure also long-lasting lubrication and corrosion protection. OXYD-OFF reduces contact resistance that leads to failures, eliminates voltage drops and guaranties a long lasting protection of all electro-mechanical contacts. OXYD-OFF is a well-proven product in radio and television engineering as well as in laboratory and in service, repair and maintenance. It is used on switches of all types, sliding contacts, potentiometers, contact banks, and relays. OXYD-OFF is used in measurement technique and control engineering, telecommunications, data processing, aerospace and military, particularly suitable for the electric- and electronic motorcar equipment, such as connectors, plugs and switches


SPRAYWASH is a powerful mixture of solvents which reliably removes dirt and grease deposits as well as oxidized layers. The product’s good penetration and flowing properties enable to wash away any soiling without difficulty. SPRAYWASH does not attack any material in common use and evaporates completely after a short time without leaving any residue. SPRAYWASH is ideal for intensive cleaning of contacts, components and equipment in electrical engineering, especially on switches, electric motors, relays, cabinets, etc. Also to be used to wash off oxide and sulfide layers from contact surfaces previously dissolved by OXYD - OFF.


ELECTRO DEGREASER is a special mixture of various heavy duty solvents to remove oil and greases from electrical and mechanical equipment quickly and reliably. It also removes wax, dirt, moisture and other heavy soiling. ELECTRO DEGREASER evaporates and leaves the surface clean and dry without any residues. Due to its low surface tension ELECTRO DEGREASER penetrates into inaccessible areas and thin cracks, removing the contamination and moisture. Therefore it improves the performance and prolongs the lifetime of the equipment. ELECTRO DEGREASER is suitable for degreasing of installations, appliances and components. Particularly suitable for electric motors, high-voltage switchgear, cables, switchboards, cables, wire ropes and chains. However, it is equally suitable for the cleaning of mechanical equipment such as brakes, clutches, air tools, air conditioners and compressors.

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